"Our strategy is simple: Backing great teams by buying right,
adding value, enhancing exits, and executing flawlessly."


By investing our own funds alongside our partner network of HNW families and individuals, Soaring Pine Capital is disciplined in the execution of its strategy. We believe that by aligning a senior investment team with seasoned entrepreneurs, management teams, and operating partners, we can be patient and share the risk. Our advisory board and operating partners provide additional targets through their own vast networks and offer strategic insight, guidance, and management expertise.

This process allows us to generate superior deal flow in the lower middle market by utilizing both direct and indirect sourcing efforts, as well as by applying a blended style of growth at a reasonable price and value.

Buying Right

We capitalize on the sourcing networks we’ve developed through our tireless relationship building in the lower middle market by exercising discipline and targeting opportunities for growth at reasonable multiples.

Adding Value

We utilize our advisory board and operating partners to help accelerate and support management’s growth through new products or markets, pursue cost improvements, and address system improvements through a discrete number of initiatives developed prior to closing.

Enhancing Exits

We serve as the transformative owner between first or second generation (often family), uninspired corporate owners and larger buyout funds or strategic buyers that will be attracted to businesses whose management teams have been built and whose growth prospects have been validated. The development of management teams and growth in earnings reflects the operational improvements achieved during Soaring Pine Capital’s ownership.

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